Gliding to Success: Using a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

rowing machine in gymIn the United States, obesity is an increasing problem.  Whether you are a child or adult, the increasing number of Americans dealing with being overweight is so prominent that it has sparked a national conversation on the matter.  Though there are numerous questions as to why it is happening, the solutions are all the same.  People need to lose weight.

This quickly devolves into any number of possible solutions.

What is causing people to be overweight?  Simple!  A lack of exercise.  Also, a lack of a proper diet.  Also, eating way to many calories.  Also, people are sometimes born predisposed to gain weight.  Also…

As you can see, there are a number of solutions to obesity and being overweight.  Most of the time, they focus on light exercise, with a heavy emphasis on controlling the diet and even questionable dietary supplements.  The truth is that being healthy and losing weight requires a focus on all of these things.  That means, we need to spend more time focusing on types of exercises we can do.

One exercise, that is often overlooked is a rowing machine.  Able to easily fit inside a room, a rowing machine offers a wide range of movement and sporting interesting levels of calorie burning.  Lets take a closer look at rowing machines, and see if they are right for you.

What is a rowing machine?

A rowing machine like the york r700 platinum rowing machine is a type of gym machine designed to simulate the exercise from rowing a small boat.  This involves sitting in a sliding seat with your feet in a holder.  Your hands are on a bar, and you use your legs and arm muscles to push away from the base.

Why should I use a rowing machine as opposed to a treadmill?

A rowing machine works better then a treadmill or other exercise machine because it is low impact on your joints.  This has two major benefits.  The first is that regardless of how much you exercise, you reduce the risk of incurring an injury.  Second, the fact that rowing is low impact means that you can use rowing to cross train, or even as a substitute for a high impact machine or run if your limbs need time to recuperate.

How many calories am I looking at burning during a workout?

Rowing in many ways is as intensive as jogging.  A 30 minute workout at 160 pounds and medium intensity will burn about 260 calories.  This all depends on your weight, intensity, and duration. Read this short rowing guide for beginners.

Price and places to buy.

A rowing machine can be bought directly from retailers and range from 100 to 500 dollars depending on brand.  In addition, rowing machines can be bought second hand for significantly less, making them an affordable machine for your weight loss.  Just make sure, if you are buying second hand, that the product will is guaranteed to work.  There are any number of parts that can go wrong, ad nothing is worse then buying it only to have it not work on day 1.