Hydrotherapy For Sports Injuries, How Water Can Help

hydrotherapy  poolHydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years in various forms and was used for the treatment of many injuries and illnesses. The romans are well known for their ‘roman baths’ which were primarily used as a place to socialize, get clean and take advantage of a long relaxing soak in some hot water.  Some of the many hydro therapies had no effect, such as water with ‘magical’ healing properties, or cleansing water thought to cure leprosy, however hydrotherapy is known to be good for physical injuries that may affect the sufferers’ ability to put weight on their legs, or back.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is basically the use of water along with the various properties of it to treat various conditions. Hydrotherapy in modern medicine is mainly used to treat a wide range of physical injuries and as a way to deliver hot and cold to the body which can have different effects on the body. With the most popular method being the use of cold temperatures applied to the body to reduce swelling and aid muscle recovery, also known as cryotherapy, which is widely used in many sports.

As for treating physical injuries, water is good for reducing the effect of gravity on the body when submerged in it. So for many people with back or spinal injuries the first place they will start their rehabilitation is a hydrotherapy pool. There they can have their treatment done without the risks of falling and the stresses on their body will be much less.

How Can I Use Hydrotherapy?

Depending on where you live in the world will determine how easy and affordable it will be to get access to a hydrotherapy pool. If you live in a country with socialized healthcare then speak to your doctor to be referred to specialist for hydrotherapy and they can normally arrange for several sessions to help your specific condition, however if you are required to pay for healthcare treatment you will need to find the best method that is affordable for you.

Paying to see a physician and requesting hydrotherapy treatment is likely to be the most expensive option for many people. However if you have plans to undergo rehabilitation from injury at home then there is always the possibility of having your own hydrotherapy pool. There are several home pools available that can be used for hydrotherapy treatment and for exercise too, such as the Fitmax iPool, which uses a harness that can allow the user to swim and keep them supported whilst in the pool.

Hydrotherapy Could Help You

If you have any sports injuries that are particularly common in impact sports, which can range from back  / spinal injuries to bruising and swelling, then the various types of hydrotherapy described above can help during the rehabilitation and recovery stages. It’s important to remember that hydrotherapy is not so effective when used independently of other treatments so it is always best to consult your doctor to arrange a suitable range of methods to aid recovery.